Uber AccidentsThe Wall Street Journal has reported that a few years ago, Uber had more than 160,000 drivers in the United States and that number was growing by approximately 50,000 drivers a month throughout the world.

With the increase in the number of Uber drivers on the road in South Carolina and throughout the world, the number of car accidents involving Uber drivers has increased as well. Many of these accidents are minor, but some result in serious injuries for Uber drivers as well as their passengers. 

If you or a loved one is a passenger in a South Carolina Uber vehicle and that vehicle is involved in a car accident, Pracht Injury Lawyers is here to help. 

Understanding the Rights of South Carolina Uber Passengers 

If you are a passenger of an Uber driver in South Carolina or a passenger in any vehicle, the driver is responsible for providing the insurance that covers your injuries and/or any other damages you may incur as a result of the car accident.

Uber drivers are required to have insurance to cover all passengers as well as any other drivers involved in the South Carolina car accident. Additionally, in South Carolina, any motor vehicle that is operated for hire, as an Uber vehicle, is also covered by insurance policies that are held by the company. South Carolina Uber drivers must also carry personal insurance for instances in which they are not driving for hire.

What to Do After an Uber Accident in South Carolina

If you are involved in a South Carolina Uber accident, you should seek medical treatment as soon after the accident as possible, even if you don’t believe you are injured. Many times injuries don’t appear right away and you may realize you have been injured soon after the accident.

When you visit your South Carolina doctor, let them know you were involved in a South Carolina car accident. This will be noted on your medical record and any paperwork that goes with your treatment. Keep all documents, bills, and treatment plans because they may be paid for or reimbursed by the person responsible for your injuries.

Responsibility for a South Carolina Uber Accident

In South Carolina, the driver who is found to be at fault for the South Carolina car accident is liable for any damages you or your loved one suffered. These damages include any injuries to you and any property damage for everyone involved in the South Carolina accident.

Additionally, under South Carolina law, more than one person may be found to be at fault for your Anderson car accident. The police who responded to the scene will investigate the scene, take photographs, get witness statements, and talk to everyone involved in the South Carolina car accident.  The police will then make a report on the facts of the accident.

As an Uber passenger injured in a South Carolina car accident, you must stay in contact with the Uber driver’s insurance company. The driver’s insurance company should contact you to talk about the accident and take your statement. Typically, the driver’s insurance company will try to avoid taking any responsibility for any injuries or may offer you a settlement.

It’s important that before you talk to the South Carolina Uber driver’s insurance company, you speak with a South Carolina Uber car accident lawyer before giving a statement to the Uber driver’s insurance company or accepting any settlement offer.  It’s very likely that the amount of the settlement offer will be far less than you or your loved one deserves for their injuries.

Shared Fault in a South Carolina Uber Car Accident

In some South Carolina car accidents, there may be more than one factor that contributed to the car accident. If that is the case, the South Carolina court will review the facts and assign a percentage of fault to each negligent driver. The amount of fault that will be assigned depends on how negligent each driver was in your South Carolina Uber car accident.

If you or a loved one were a passenger in an Uber vehicle that was involved in a South Carolina car accident, then all you need is to be compensated for your damages and injuries, regardless of who was at fault for your injuries and damages. However, this may not always be easy, as the insurance companies involved are trying to resolve your case with as little money paid out as possible.

Even though you would like everything to go smoothly, it’s very likely that you will have to retain the services of a South Carolina Uber car accident lawyer to initiate legal action in order to receive all the compensation you are entitled to.

Receiving Compensation for a South Carolina Uber Accident

In many cases, your injuries from your South Carolina Uber car accident may be minor and your property damage minimal.  However, sometimes your injuries may be more severe such as a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or injuries that may require surgery and/or extensive rehabilitation.

The person responsible for your South Carolina Uber car accident is required to pay for all your expenses associated with your injuries. Again, legal action may be necessary in order for you to obtain all the compensation you deserve. South Carolina law limits the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim, which is three years from the date the injury was incurred.

Pracht Injury Lawyers has extensive experience handling Uber car accident cases. We have the knowledge, experience, and skill to ensure that you and/or your loved one receive the maximum possible compensation. Our office is located in Anderson, South Carolina, and we have handled cases in Greenville, Seneca, Greenwood, Clemson, Laurens, Charleston, Spartanburg, Columbia, Aiken, Abbeville, Newberry, Easley, Orangeburg, and throughout South Carolina. Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation. 

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