Whether it was a single-car crash or a highway pile-up, if the drivers did nothing wrong, and an accident was caused by a road hazard that should not have existed, injured victims will need an experienced attorney to take on the public entity or private corporation responsible for the defect. At Pracht Injury Lawyers, we are always on the side of the victim, and we will take on any party whose negligence caused serious injuries in South Carolina. defective highway injury

What Is a Defective or Dangerous Road Condition?

As drivers in South Carolina, we have an expectation that the roads we travel are designed and maintained with our safety in mind. In fact, the entities responsible for building and repairing roads have an obligation to ensure that they are safe and hazard-free. However, these obligations are not always met. Some examples of dangers and defects that could cause a compensable accident include:

  • Potholes. Deep potholes can cause tire blowouts and damage to vehicles that can result in an accident. Hitting a pothole can also cause a driver to lose control and crash. When potholes are not marked and repaired promptly, the entity responsible could be held liable for injuries resulting from an accident.
  • Missing or insufficient signage. Tight curves, soft shoulders, potential ice or debris, road alterations, and other potential hazards should be clearly marked with standard traffic signs. Road crews are responsible for ensuring that the signs are properly placed and replaced if they have been stolen or knocked down. 
  • Inadequate barriers. If you are driving attentively and within the speed limit, and a barrier fails to keep you on the road or on your side of a highway, a third party could be liable for your crash.
  • Dangerous construction zones. Temporary construction zones should be clearly marked, speed limit signs should be obvious, and adequate space should be provided for vehicles to pass through the zone. If you were injured in a crash in a dangerous construction zone, the construction company could be liable for your damages.

Other conditions, such as standing water, poor road design, construction debris, and hazardous shoulders, could also lead to a serious accident. Our team consults highway experts to determine the cause and liable parties in road-defect crashes.

Serious Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries Can Have a Lifelong Impact

The kinds of injuries that can be suffered in a crash caused by a road hazard or defect are numerous and could be life-altering or fatal. Some of the more serious injuries we see include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries. An impact to the head or jolting of the body—common in vehicle collisions—can cause permanent brain damage that affects cognitive and motor abilities for the rest of the victim’s life.
  • Broken bones. A compound leg or arm fracture, broken pelvis, crushed vertebrae, or another serious bone break can require surgery and ongoing physical therapy to heal. Broken bones are common in motor vehicle crashes. 
  • Spinal cord and paralysis injuries. When the spinal cord is damaged in a collision, the victim could be partially or totally paralyzed. This kind of injury requires life-long rehabilitation, therapy, and care and can cost millions of dollars.
  • Back and neck injuries. Chronic and debilitating pain can be the result of a back or neck injury. Car crashes can cause strained tendons and ligaments and even broken vertebrae that can require months of rehabilitation.

These kinds of injuries can require immediate intensive care and ongoing rehabilitation, adding up to significant costs. If a negligent road commission or construction company is at fault for your crash, you should not have to pay these damages

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